About Me

Hi, Welcome to my Blog!!
I am a book lover and avid reader, which I am sure lots of you are too or, hoping to be.
I love books and I read them a LOT. My go-to genres are fantasy, young adult, dystopian, romance, classics and historical fiction – so basically to sum up I read everything.  
I am available by email if you want some great book recommendations just send me a message! You can also email me if YOU have any recommendations for me, I am always looking for new books or movies to review!

I will be posting regular blogs about anything and everything – from high school to surviving through COVID lockdowns and stress, mental health etc. and basically just everything for teenagers (but anyone is free to read my posts!). If there is anything in particular that you are struggling with and need advice on, just send me an email and I will be happy to either reply to you personally or write a blog post about it, in case the same things are affecting many of you.

Stay safe everyone:)
– Soph xx